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Dominik Klaus

Dominik Klaus
Junior Project Manager

GER (+49)(0)9087.920104


M.Eng. Dominik joined NIKBCON in 2011 as a Technologist with a degree from the Technical College in Nördlingen (GER), but decided to enhance his qualifications by becoming a Bachelor and a Master of Engineering (Mechatronik) at the University of Applied Sciences in Kempten (GER). In his spare time and during semester breaks, Dominik was already working with NIKBCON on pharmaceutical projects, to assist with the electrical design as well as with CAD. From September 2013 till February 2014, Dominik was working out of NIKBCON's office in Canada (Victoria, British Columbia), mainly involved with the electrical design of a big pharmaceutical project in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

Since 2016, Dominik is now a full-time employee of NIKBCON and he will strengthen our efforts, efficiency and professionality in all aspects of electrical engineering and project management. Since 2019 Dominik has taken on the role as Junior Project Manager working on pharmaceutical projects.